Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students Singapore

Geography Tuiton for Secondary School Students


  • Geography is a highly memory intensive subject. This tuition is for students that have probelm coping with Geography due to such issues (Memory).


  • We use mnemonic techniques such as The Roman Room Method, The N-Shaped Method, The Journey Method, The VL Memory Technique, The Link-Story Method and more.



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We’ve taken a gander at a couple of various methodologies to help recollect the names of individuals you meet, yet there’s parts to say in regards to memory.

Surprisingly science is persistently finding new associations between basic things we can do each day and a change in our general memory limit.

Memory is a convoluted procedure that is comprised of a couple of various mind exercises. Here’s a rearranged form to enable us to see how the procedure happens:


Our mind sends motions in a specific example related with the occasion we’re encountering and makes associations between our neurons, called neurotransmitters.


On the off chance that we didn’t do anything further, that memory would fall ideal out of our heads once more. Solidification is the way toward submitting it to long haul memory so we can review it later. A great deal of this procedure happens while we’re dozing, as our brains reproduce that same example of mind action to fortify the neural connections we made before.

Reviewing THE MEMORY

This is the thing that the greater part of us consider when we discuss memory, or particularly memory misfortune. Reviewing the memory is less demanding if it’s been reinforced after some time, and each time we do as such, we gone through that same example of mind movement once more, making it somewhat more grounded.

Memory misfortune is a typical piece of maturing, yet that doesn’t mean we can’t make a move to back it off a bit. How about we investigate a portion of the ways inquire about has found to keep our recollections around to the extent that this would be possible.


Working memory, which is somewhat similar to the cerebrum’s scratch pad, is the place new data is held briefly. When you take in somebody’s name or hear the address of a place you’re going to, you hold tight to those subtle elements in working memory until the point when you’re finished with them. In the event that they’re not valuable any longer, you let go of them altogether. In the event that they are, you submit them to long haul memory where they can be fortified and reviewed later.

Working memory is something we utilize each day, and it makes our lives a considerable measure simpler when it’s more grounded. For most grown-ups, the greatest we can hold in our working memory is around seven things, however in the event that you’re not exactly utilizing your working memory to its maximum limit, contemplation is one thing you can endeavor to reinforce it.

Research has demonstrated that members with no involvement in care contemplation can enhance their memory review in only two months. Reflection, with its energy to enable us to think, has likewise been appeared to enhance state administered test scores and working memory capacities after only two weeks.

Why does contemplation profit memory? It’s fairly irrational. Amid contemplation, our brains quit preparing data as effectively as they ordinarily would.

In the picture underneath you can perceive how the beta waves (appeared in splendid hues on the left), which demonstrate that our brains are preparing data, are drastically decreased amid reflection (on the privilege).


Regardless of whether caffeine can enhance memory if taken before discovering some new information is far from being obviously true. Most research has discovered next to zero impact from ingesting caffeine before making new recollections. One late investigation, in any case, found that taking a caffeine pill after a learning undertaking really enhanced memory review up to 24 hours after the fact.

Members remembered an arrangement of pictures, and were later tried by review similar pictures (targets), comparable pictures (baits) and totally unique pictures (foils). The undertaking was to choose which were the correct pictures they had remembered, without being deceived by the draws which were fundamentally the same as. This is a procedure called design detachment, which, as indicated by the specialists, mirrors a “more profound level of memory maintenance.”

The scientists in this investigation concentrated on the impacts of caffeine on memory solidification: the way toward fortifying the recollections we’ve made. This is the reason they accept there were impacts when caffeine was ingested after the learning errand, as opposed to some time recently.


Another eating regimen related impact on memory is the mounting research that eating berries can fight off memory decrease.

An examination from the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School found that supplementing an ordinary eating regimen with blueberries for twelve weeks enhanced execution on spatial working memory errands. The impacts began only three weeks in and proceeded for the length of the examination.

A long haul berry examine that tried the memory of female medical caretakers who were more than 70 years of age found that the individuals who had consistently eaten no less than two servings of strawberries or blueberries every week had a direct lessening in memory decay. (The impacts of strawberries may be easily proven wrong, however, since that review was somewhat supported by the California Strawberry Commission and another investigation concentrating on strawberries recommended that you’d have to eat about 10 pounds of strawberries for each day to perceive any impact).

More research is required here, yet science is motivating nearer to seeing how berries may influence our brains. Specifically, blueberries are known for being high in flavanoids, which seem to reinforce existing associations in the cerebrum. That could clarify why they’re helpful for long haul memory.


Concentrates in both rodent and human brains have demonstrated that standard exercise can enhance memory review. Wellness in more established grown-ups has even been demonstrated to moderate the decay of memory without the guide of proceeded with customary exercise.

Specifically, considers demonstrated that normal exercise can enhance spatial memory, so it’s not really an approach to enhance a wide range of memory review.

Obviously, the advantages of activity are various, however for the cerebrum specifically, general exercise has been appeared to enhance subjective capacities past memory. So in case you’re searching for an approach to remain sharp rationally, going out for a stroll could be the appropriate response. Perceive how a snappy walk touches off the cerebrum in the sweep beneath:


Another simple strategy to attempt that could enhance your memory is biting gum while you learn new things. There’s been some opposing exploration around this theme, so it’s not a strong wagered, but rather an examination distributed a year ago demonstrated that members who finished a memory review undertaking were more exact and had higher response times on the off chance that they bit gum amid the investigation.

One reason that biting gum may influence our memory review is that it builds movement in the hippocampus, an essential range of the mind for memory. It’s as yet misty why this happens, however.

Another hypothesis concentrates on the expansion of oxygen from biting gum, which can help with center and consideration. This could mean we’re making more grounded associations in the cerebrum as we learn new things while biting gum. One examination found that members who bit gum amid learning and memory tests had higher heart rate levels than control gatherings, which can likewise prompt more oxygen streaming to the cerebrum.


Rest has turned out to be a standout amongst the most vital components in having a decent memory. Since rest is when the majority of our memory union process happens, it bodes well that without enough rest we will battle to recall the things we’ve learned. Indeed, even a short rest can enhance your memory review.

In one examination, members retained delineated cards to test their memory quality. Subsequent to retaining an arrangement of cards, they had a 40-minute break wherein one gathering snoozed, and the other remained alert. After the break, the two gatherings were tried on their memory of the cards – the gathering who had snoozed performed better:

Much to the amazement of the analysts, the rest aggregate performed altogether better, holding by and large 85 percent of the examples, contrasted with 60 percent for the individuals who had stayed alert.

Evidently, resting really causes our mind to harden recollections:

Research demonstrates that when memory is first recorded in the brain– in the hippocampus, to be specific– it’s still “delicate” and effectively overlooked, particularly if the mind is made a request to remember more things. Snoozing, it appears, pushes recollections to the neocortex, the cerebrum’s “more changeless stockpiling,” keeping them from being “overwritten.”

Not exclusively is rest in the wake of taking in a basic piece of the memory creation process, however rest before gaining some new useful knowledge is vital too. Research has discovered that lack of sleep can influence our capacity to confer new things to memory and unite any new recollections we make.

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